The Winner of the Individual game, becoming the King of bridge (that is
until the next individual game on Sunday 11/17/19 1:00pm)              
is Buddy Hano. Well done!!!!

Tuesday's at 12:30pm is now relaxed Bridge. No Masterpoints, No
losers, only Winners. The game will be ran duplicate style but players
can ask questions at any time. This will be a great way for less
experienced players to work on their game. Please tell your friends who
are uncomfortable playing in a sanctioned game with winner and losers,
that they can now play in a relaxed setting and get HELP by asking
Individual Game Flyer

Swiss Team Flyer  

October Special Events

Club appreciation games also 10/21,10/23, 10/24. 10/26
Wednesday 10/23 9:30am Mentor Game
Saturday 10/26 6:00pm Saturday Night Special